To all of our clients who regularly refer your friends and neighbors: we greatly appreciate it! We thank you for letting us serve you. We are always interested in what you have to say and if you'd like to add your comments to our website, please email them, using the "Contact Us" page, and we'd be happy to post them.

Dear Hoffman Estates Vets--

Thank you so much for the GIGANTIC, GENEROUS, DOG-A-LICIOUS gift basket! I have already had SO much fun with the toys. I get wiggly at the vet, but this basket makes me not so scared of Hoffman Estates Vets :-). Thank you again. Love and Paws--Gibson (the doggie that won the raffle basket at Barrington Sidewalk Days!)

Dear Dr. Williams and Staff,

I thought you might like an update on Kolin, from Almost Home Foundation. In April he had a cancerous growth removed from his lip/mouth. He is a very happy little guy right now! He enjoys walking in the park and following the other dogs around, barking encouragement when they play. He is also just a little bit spoiled! He leads me right to the treat jar every day. We are just taking it one day at a time, while hoping there are many more days left with him. Thank you for your great care of this wonderful little dog! Foster Mom, Sharon Lutz

Dear Hoffman Estates Vets and Staff,

Thank you for giving our Girl Scout troop a tour of your facilities and for showing them how you operate. The girls learned a lot about being a vet and really enjoyed the tour. We appreciate the time and effort involved to provide our troop with an interesting trip.

Thank you!

Debbie Dorans and Troop 424

Dear Staff,

I just wanted to thank you so much for treating 13 HEHS students to a fabulous career trek! We all learned so much! It is always interesting to see how students vs. me view a trek. They gave you a "10!" They loved getting the hand outs, they loved the tour, the x-rays, surgery room and ultrasound machines. The vet tech stories of where they were getting their degree and how they ended up there fascinated them. Many of these students could wander a little before deciding what to do!

Please thank Dr. Williams for taking the time to visit with us! Please thank the two vet techs for being so personable. Thank you, Martie, for setting this trek up and talking to the students on their level.

Your friend,

Helen Henderson, Career Advisor for Hoffman Estates High School

Dear Hoffman Estates Animal Hospital,

We wish to express our gratitude for the care, compassion and treatment of our eight-year old Rough Collie, Cassie. The cooperation between the staff and Cassie's "parents" as well as our other Collies in the past, has been remarkable for the many years which you have provided them loyal service, a fact only reinforced by Cassie's recent treatment.

The prompt attention and advice given to us following Cassie's annual check up, allowed her to experience the best conditions for her successful treatment. Thankfully, her condition has been fully addressed, resulting in what appears to be a clean bill of health and, hopefully, a continued long and happy life.

"Thank You" to all the other staff members who were so kind and understanding in working with Cassie.


Ron and Sharon Menely

"Thank you, Dr. Williams and Dr. House for taking such good care of our babies! We owe you a debt of gratitude. And also, thank your staff because they are wonderful. Thank you for everything!"


Bob and Carol Hoelter

"Just a quick note to say thank you--Your hospital is always so kind and generous with your vet's time. The kids loved Dr. William's presentation--the animals and the hand outs! We appreciate all you do for community outreach. Thank you so very much!"


Dr. Meg Kwak

Blackwell Elementary School, Schaumburg

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