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Dodging Bullets

Meet Snoopy, our April pet of the month

Snoopy was brought to our hospital because the owner found him unable to walk properly and semi collapsed.

He was first seen by one of our experienced technicians who could see immediately that something was extremely wrong with Snoopy and rushed him back to the treatment area. One of our doctors quickly performed an exam which revealed a rock-hard urinary bladder and a very slow heart rate.

The diagnosis was a complete urinary obstruction, renal failure and a very high potassium level. Snoopy’s heart was ready to stop from the high potassium level in his blood. Immediate action is required in these cases to prevent the pending cardiac arrest. An intravenous injection of insulin was given to lower the potassium level. In the next minute the heart rate began to speed up and Snoopy moved away from the sure death he was facing. Bullet one dodged!

As soon as the insulin was given, work began on removing the sandy material that was in his urethra and caused the blockage. This can be a tricky process that can result in tearing of the urethra. The blockage was removed without serious damage to the urethra and dark red urine began to flow. Bullet number 2 dodged!

When the urinary tract is blocked the kidneys shut down and severe damage is done to the inside of the kidneys. Sometimes, the kidneys don’t start working again because they were so severely damaged. Luckily this was not the case with Snoopy and a few hours after unblocking him urine was being produced. Bullet number 3 dodged!!

Snoopy was treated for the next several days with intravenous fluids and then released. He has made a full recovery and eats a special diet to prevent the problem from occurring again.


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