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Cardiomyopathy is a heart muscle disease that often causes   sudden death at home or sudden rear leg paralysis due to a blood clot in the aorta.

Because our hospital is associated with a board certified cardiologist from The Ohio State University Veterinary College, Zorro was able to be seen here by Dr. Karsten Schober who designed his treatment program.

The usual life expectancy for a kitty with this severe disease is 4- 6 months.  Without medication, the life expectancy is even shorter. Cats with advanced heart disease can be on three or four medications at one time.  While it is not easy to give cats medicine, Zorro’s owner was dedicated and began giving him his cardiac medications.

Dr. Schober returned to the practice in 6 months and re evaluated Zorro and was surprised to see that he was still doing well.  Zorro was not affected by the usual complications of this disease. Dr. Schober evaluated him several times over the next three years and each time he and Dr. House were amazed at how well he was doing.    They’d tweak his medication routine slightly and off Zorro would go defying the odds and acting as if nothing was wrong with him.

Finally, last month after 3 and 1/2 years of treatment Zorro succumbed to his disease. We are sorry to have lost such a great patient but wanted to share his story.

Zorro and his owner are a testament to what  loving owner care combined with state of the art medicine can accomplish.


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